Kanca Anvils are drop forged and are of the Southern German design. Kanca is a major supplier to the automotive industry which assures high quality and the best high grade forged steel.

The uniform surface hardness is 54-62HRC. By buying in batches Counterweight Trading / Anvils South Africa can offer these anvils at excellent prices.

Southern German Horn Shape: The conical horn of a Kanca Anvil allows for easier drawing down of metal and helps with bending operations for metal workers. The anvils include hardie and pritchel holes.

Wide Range of Anvil Sizes: The range of anvils from 20kg up to 75kg allows for all types of forging work from horseshoes all the way up to serious blacksmithing.

These Kanca Anvils for sale are the closest relative to the well known Ridgid-Peddinghaus Anvils.

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